Although NVU 1.0, released in June 2005, is the last official release that you will find on the official NVU download site, it isn't the newest or best version of the software.

An unofficial bugfix/update called KompoZer is available from . Current version number is 0.77, released in July 2006. For various legal reasons it cannot carry the NVU name, but for all practical purposes it is the same program.

KompoZer is not a cure-all for all the bugs in NVU 1.0, but it does fix some of the major annoyances. For example, KompoZer does not clutter your html source with extra blank lines as NVU does. And CSS functionality is vastly improved.

If you use NVU 1.0 and it works for you, stick with it. But if you run into problems, give KompoZer a try and see if it helps. It can't hurt.